Bodyguard Service in Los Angeles

A haven for celebrities and businessmen and women alike, making sure our clients and their family, friends and loved ones are properly protected in the “city of angels,” Los Angeles, is one of our specialties at Stone Security. Our Los Angeles body guard service, also called Close Personal Protection Agents, aims to keep you and your group safe in the city.

Each client’s needs are different — whether they are a celebrity/public personality, business person or royalty. That is why we specialize in making sure our personal bodyguard service plans are customized specifically for each client.

Our services are available in both short- and long-term protection, whether domestic or internationally. Some of our most trusted clients include:

  • Corporate bodyguard services
  • Celebrities
  • Members of royal families
  • High net worth individuals
  • Residential estate
  • And more…

With our customized personal protection and bodyguard services, you can be rest assured that we only provide the most experienced of personnel, combined with the most comprehensive planning available. All of our personnel have been thoroughly vetted and highly-trained to ensure your safety and security are our number one priority.

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