Estate/Residence Security

In today’s day and age, there is an unprecedented range of threats — both to organizations as well as their employees, visitors, facilities and properties. Senior executives, businessmen or women, celebrities and dignitaries may not always understand the potential risk they are facing — especially given the critical value they often bring to their respective organizations.

Often, these associated risks leave these high-level individuals (and more importantly, their families and loved ones) under protected and vulnerable.

This is why Stone Security Services specializes in building, residential security, estate security — both personal and professional — and is proud to offer all of our clients fully-customized and comprehensive estate and residence security detail.

We work to install fully-vetted and experienced security offers and guards to act as a first line of defense. This ensures that there is visible security and helps deter any potential criminal activity from the get-go.

Stone Security’s guards in big cities such as New York, Miami and Los Angeles are trained and prepared to meet even the most complicated of demands faced by organizations and individuals today — whether as a primary security outlet or a supplement to existing security forces.

We provide the most comprehensive range of security services, personalized for all of our clients, to some of the most prestigious real estate organizations in some of the world’s biggest cities. Our dedicated building and facility security consultants are ready and waiting to offer their expertise and guidance to building owners, managers and developers to help mitigate any potential risks that may be waiting.

All of our clients receive a comprehensive, fully-customized assessment of risks, threats, and goals, along with a assessment of any previous security incidents, to help understand any vulnerabilities that may exist. This assessment is following by the preparation and execution of security staffing requirements.

Engineering Security defines different threat categories for New York City buildings and has recommendations for suggested security measures that can be deployed in the event of a terrorist attack.

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