Embassy and Places of Worship

In today’s day and age, terrorism and spontaneous acts of violence — both domestic and foreign — are a growing threat. Especially so for individuals and embassies, foreign missions and places of worship.

The rise in violence has created prominent security challenges around the world, faced by organizations daily.

At Stone Security, we offer a team of highly-trained professionals who are committed to delivering personalized security services that fit your every need and expectation — whether you’re a diplomat, delegate, congregation or otherwise.

We specialize in offering customized/personalized protection plans that can implement safety and counterterrorism measures in any of the aforementioned areas. Businesses, embassies and places of worship must be prepared to protect their employees, dignitaries, diplomats, and/or congregations at any and all costs. That’s where we can help.

Looking for advice on how you can help keep your employees, dignitaries, diplomats and/or congregation safe?

  • Monitor
    • Understanding your areas of exposure, and identifying any at-risk people or assets, is your number one step. Monitor any and all of our events, threat levels and potential areas of weaknesses ahead of time — ensuring security measures are in-place in a “worst case scenario” event.
  • Prevent
    • Consider your security ahead of time — ideally when you’re designing/laying out — to help ensure any weak points are covered or known ahead of time.
  • Respond
    • In the event that an incident has occurred, having members who know how to respond is vital. Training your members ahead of time on emergency preparedness measures can help fully and promptly minimize the impact (and potentially help reduce unnecessary losses).

Where we can help

When it comes to our premier embassy, foreign mission and place of worship security, we use multi-layered approaches in our planning to ensure our client and their guests, property and venues are our main priority. Whether you’re looking for a high visibility or discreet security, we can customize your protection to fit your unique needs.

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