Executive Protection

In today’s day and age, top executives and high-profile individuals and celebrities experience more international visibility than ever. Facing unprecedented corporate and personal risks, these types of individuals require a higher level of security — with proper planning, coordination and management being vital.

Our NYC executive protection program is providing discreet, unobtrusive levels of protection — whether at home or while traveling — is of the utmost importance. Stone Security Services offers a wide range of discreet, professional and effective executive protection services in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

Our high-level NYC executive, celebrity and bodyguard services are designed to minimize risk while maximizing your protection and mobility in public.

Many high-level executives, businessmen or women, celebrities and dignitaries are under protected, and they may not know it — leaving them critically exposed to potential threats, both at home and abroad.

Similarly, individuals with a high net worth may find themselves in situations where they do not understand the risks due to their wealth and prominence in their respective industries — leaving their friends and families vulnerable to personally-targeted crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and robbery.

Despite all the aforementioned risks, many high-profile individuals are reluctant to engage in close personal protection services because they want to retain privacy and a “free-moving” lifestyle. That is where Stone Security Services is here to help.

If you are look for NYC executive protection services, we boast the experience and the personnel needed to safely and effectively protect you, your family and/or your assets — while allowing you to maintain your lifestyle. We implement customized executive protection planning to help establish optimal security of our respective clients, at a level they’re most comfortable with — without sacrificing safety and security.


  • World class executive protection services
  • Celebrity Protection Services
  • Dignitary Protection Services
  • VIP Protection
  • NYC Bodyguard Services
  • Kidnapping Protection
  • Extortion Protection
  • And more..

All of these aforementioned services are available in the greater New York, Los Angeles and Miami/South Florida areas.


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