On Monday evening, for the 2nd year in a row, the annual global CFDA awards were held at the Brooklyn Museum, and David Stones’ high Profile NYC Event Security was requested to lock down and secure this high profile event.

Heralded as the either the “fashion Oscars” or “fashion prom,” and certainly one of fashion’s biggest nights, the event once again drew a glamorous crowd of iconic designers, buzzy up-and- comers and their well-dressed celebrity muses.

The ceremony, which is all about crowning this year’s most accomplished American fashion designers, was stacked with glitz and glamor, with Virgil Abloh, Lakeith Stanfield, and Bella Hadid among those turning heads on the red carpet.

Comedians Hasan Minhaj and Jessica Williams presented awards in lieu of a single “host,” and the year’s most accomplished American designers were recognized, in addition to previously announced honorees including  Jennifer- JLO-Lopez, Barbie,  Carine Rothfeld and Sarah Burton.

It seems that with Tom Ford as the new chairman of the CFDA, this year’s awards ceremony at the Brooklyn Museum might experience a little jolt of energy. The most influential American designers—from industry veterans like Marc Jacobs to emerging designers like Heron Preston—will be given awards for their impact on fashion by presenters Hasan Minhaj, Jessica
Williams, Bernadette Peters, and Yara Shahidi. It’s also an evening dedicated to the celebration of fashion icons and legends of all sorts, from Bob Mackie to (yes, even the plastic Mattel creation is the recipient of a major tribute award this year, in honor of her 60th birthday).

David Stone explains, “When it comes to high profile events that are made known to the public, you are always faced with difficult challenges with, over excited fans, stalkers, event crashers, and anyone looking to defame or embarrass the event as a whole.”

With todays’ many means of social media communication, Twitter, Instagram, and Face book, you can have a crowd of 100 fans swell into 300-400 within an hour. This is just the reality of planning your New York City event security. You must have the Staffing plan fit accordingly and don’t estimate it, by amount of attending guests.

With Having so many celebrities and high profile guests, you have to send in the best NYC Executive Protection specialists, to ensure that each celebrity is assigned a NYC bodyguard.

When securing a high profile event, like the CFDA awards held at the iconic Brooklyn Museum, there are many parameters that need to be considered. We use our Secret Service mirrored approach to securing the streets and Venue, and perimeters. When preparing your security plan you must have the most recognized Stone Security Service, NYC event security team
handling your event.

Planning, staffing and executing the perfect security plan, take weeks of proper planning:
From fake Credentials, to Photo copied Invitations, to Fake “Press Credentials” we have seen it all.

Stone Security Event Security Agents, are so well trained we, know our consistent attempted event crashers and stalkers. Often times, Stalkers, Event crashers will recognize that we are securing the event, they just nod their heads and walk away knowing there is no chance to infiltrate the event security plan in place. We implement our zero tolerance and give them one warning, before they get arrested for trespassing:

Making sure you have the newest Technology of Walk Through Magnometers, X-Ray machines is pinnacle.

Having K-9 explosive detection dogs, is a key element for triple checking all security measures that are already in place.

When Having High Profile Events in NYC, there is No one but David Stones’ Executive Protection, and New York City Bodyguards, that will give you a 100% pinnacle security service, and a successful event.