The last thing you would probably ever think of to have on your event to-do list is to hire corporate event security, but a major event could be absolutely devastated by an angry employee or a disgruntled customer, and even though it sounds unlikely, a good business owner is always ready for anything. The best defense is a good offense, and by having a security team on board for your next conference, stakeholder meeting, or corporate luncheon, you are showing your investors and employees that you have the presence of mind to plan ahead, and that you take peoples’ safety very seriously.

Outsourcing the executive security detail for your major events frees you up to do what you need to do in order to run the event. Rather than worry about each and every person who walks through the door on the day of the event, leave the details and the worry to your event security team. That way, you will be free to take care of running the meeting and seeing to the picky little details that always pop up the day of the lunch or conference. 

Although as a business owner you would like to think that people could get along at a special event, there may be a disgruntled customer or an employee who is angry about a new policy, and wants a big stage on which to tell you about it. You cannot risk the safety of your employees, guests, and stakeholders if this is the case. In today’s world, you need to be prepared for any eventuality.

David Stone, founder of Stone Security Services, has a wealth of experience to draw from, in order to keep your employees, guests, and other stakeholders safe. As a former NYPD Detective from the intelligence division, he wanted to create a premier security regime that would take the worry out of events for business owners like you, and he has done so for many years. Whether you need diplomat security, celebrity security, or a bodyguard, Stone Security is the place to call. 

Specializing in executive security forces for special events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami, Stone has assembled an amazing arsenal of peacekeepers who will put your mind at ease no matter what the event. Stone Security Services features an executive security team that has up-to-the-minute training in fast decision making, negotiations, CPR, handling weapons, and many other skills. Difficult situations are no match for Stone Security Services. 

Make your next corporate event more peaceful by hiring the best team to keep tabs on your employees, investors, and guests so that you can handle your end of the event with ease. You will be glad you called Stone Security Services because “Our business is minding your business.”