If you have assets that need to be secured, if you are well-known in the public eye, or if you have high social status, then you are a great candidate for a celebrity security bodyguard. VIP security can take on many forms, but it all has the same goal: to create a safe environment for you in any given situation. 

At Stone Security Services, we specialize in celebrity security and diplomat security. This includes CEO’s, dignitaries, sports stars, musicians, politicians, public figures, diplomats, and any other types of celebrities.

So what can Stone Security Services do for you? Our company was born from the dream of David Stone, who left the NYPD as an intelligence division detective, of the law in order to create a streamlined, dynamic, and powerful company to provide executive security to protect high profile citizens. With years of experience and elite training, Stone Security Services is the place to call in order for you to be safe in any situation. 

At Stone Security, we will provide executive protection for you to attend events or travel, all while blending into your mode of dress, your style of personality, and the agenda you have for us. But don’t let our casual demeanor or easy-going nature fool you. We have extensive training that will put you at ease in any situation.

Here are just some of the ways we will take care of you with our executive security:

  • We will analyze the scene beforehand, including all routes of transportation, making sure we account for all vulnerabilities.
  • We can deter an attacker or stalker by our mere presence, with our security training, fitness level, and the way we carry ourselves.
  • We understand people’s motives, especially criminals, and we are very adept at reading a room and solving a problem before it starts. 
  • We are well-versed in crowd management. We strategize contingency plans and study the layout to keep you safe in any locality.
  • We will act quickly and with expert weapon handling skills to access any situation that arises and squelch it. 

If you or someone you love is a celebrity, dignitary, or politician, you can’t just settle for any old security detail. At Stone Security Services we make it our mission to provide executive protection and bodyguard services to those who are in the public eye. With our discretion and chameleon abilities, we will not stand out in a crowd, but you can be assured that we will stand up for your safety if the need ever arises. 

Between our tactical advance planning, our friendly but attentive demeanor, and the long list of training we have accomplished, Stone Security Services offers executive security that is second to none.