Personal Bodyguards, also known as a Close Personal Protection Agent: Provide the pinnacle level of personal security for individuals, and their families:

Many people think hiring a personal bodyguard service is too over the top, or financially unaffordable.  Executive security is well worth the money for safety and your family’s’ peace of mind. You don’t have to be an A list celebrity to require executive security during these uncertain times. If you are an executive, diplomat, or celebrity attending a special event or traveling, don’t leave your safety to chance, especially when Stone Security Services is just a phone call away. 

Stone Security Services has the training and experience to access any situation and ensure a stable environment for all concerned. As a member of the NYPD High Risk security units, serving on presidential visits, David Stone wanted to raise the bar on security and create a full-service company that would offer diplomat security, Royal Family security, celebrity security, and bodyguard services. His successful company now offers locations in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. 

So who exactly needs a bodyguard, or Close Protection agent?

There are several categories of people who could benefit from Stone Security Services. 

  • Celebrity security is vital for all those in the public eye. Although most people probably just want a handshake, a selfie, or to say hello to celebrities, there is a very real and darker element of society that could be stalking or trying to harm those who are in the open public spotlight.
  • Diplomats and dignitaries use our diplomatic security service to keep themselves, and families safe from, kidnapping, extortion, and violent attacks, where they work, live, or attend school. Their foreign enemies and threats have NO boundaries, and no fear of civil law.  Whenever you are traveling you end up with more variables than you have on your home turf, so being extra prepared with an experienced security detail.
  • CEOs and business executives require bodyguard services in many cases, especially with volatile mergers and acquisitions, disgruntled employees, and employee terminations. Wealth, power, success and fame, make you and your family a potential victim. Living in a gated community or behind gated fences is NOT the answer: you need an Estate, Home security team in place.
  • Executive security is a good idea for those in the media spotlight, such as people who have won the lottery, been in the public eye for a news event, or are otherwise suddenly famous. Fame is not always a positive, and Stone Security will keep you safe from any troublemakers. 
  • If you are involved in a messy divorce or other type of domestic dispute, hiring executive security is a good way to ease your mind about the situations that might transpire in this type of volatile situation.

Each of our bodyguards at Stone Security Services receive elite training in order to make your event, travel, or daily life situation run flawlessly. Our preparation is second to none, and we will prepare for a variety of eventualities. Additionally, our company prides itself on blending in, and we will mimic your style of dress and attitude as the event unfolds, so you do not need to feel self-conscious about hiring a bodyguard. That being said, we will spring into action if and when the need arises, utilizing years of quick decision making/planning skills, weapons training, and diffusing and de-escalating situations keeping you and your family safe is our exquisite skill.

Protect your assests. by hiring Stone Security Services. With our friendly, professional staff, we will take care of your security at home or abroad, so that you can accomplish what you need to accomplish in a safe and satisfying manner.