Whether your private event is to launch a new product, fashion show, celebrate a wedding, a graduation, promotion, departure from a Diplomatic embassy, or some other special occasion, having some trusted individuals on hand to make sure everyone is safe is a good idea. Although you may have never considered private event security before, it is a prudent idea to always protect your investments. In this case, you will be protecting your property and all the guests that have come to celebrate the event with you. Our NYC private event security can accommodate events that may require 3 agents and some 30 agents. We provide event security for over 800 events a year we have the experience.

This is the type of problem that you want to stop before it starts. You owe it to your event guests to have their best interests in mind.

Stone Security Services will provide executive security for your private event, and there are several reasons why hiring Stone Security is imperative to keep your event guests safe. As a former NYPD Intelligence division agent, Stone and his executive security team know how to handle all those surprise situations that can arise whenever you get people together, and especially when there is alcohol involved.

Executive event security from Stone Security will ensure that the crowd is well-managed, especially if they have been drinking. Our team is discrete, skilled, and confident, and they will offer executive protection to all of your eventgoers. Stone Security Services also specializes in celebrity security and diplomatic security, so if your event features some important guests, we can take care of everything and give them the level of executive protection to which they are accustomed. 

No matter who is at the event, when your event guests see that there is a security presence, they will automatically feel more comfortable about being there. This is especially true if an emergency arises. Whether a medical emergency, a criminal act, or a fire, Stone Security Services offer the quick decision-making that you will need to keep all of the guests safe in an emergency situation. 

Finally, Stone Security Services is well-versed in keeping people out who are not invited to your event. Especially if this is a well-sought after event, there may be event crashers who show up for a variety of reasons. Avoid the awkward situation by letting Stone Security handle it before the event crashers become a problem. 

In general, each event is assessed on the caliber of the guests attending. From politicians, diplomats, corporate CEO’s professional athletes or celebrities and you will normally be asked to supply security if your event offers alcohol. Other factors can affect the number of security personnel, including the size of the venue and the number of entrances and exits. 

With a vast array of military and law enforcement experience, Stone Security Services will deliver discrete, thoughtful executive protections with dignity and empathy for each and every event goer.