If you own a residential property that houses celebrities, or you yourself are a high profile person living in a home or townhome, you need to strongly consider executive security. In this world of social media where it is extremely simple for people to follow your comings and goings, it would offer extreme peace of mind to know that you or your tenants were protected from any people or events that are bent toward the criminal.

As a property owner, you are ultimately responsible for the safety and security of both your property and the tenants who live in your building. Stone Security Services has the experience needed to offer you and your tenants the executive protection that you both need and deserve.

If there are celebrities or dignitaries living in your building, that automatically raises the bar on your security needs. With the availability of information on social media, there are very few things that are hidden anymore, and this requires you to supplement your security to protect your buildings and the people inside them. 

Stone Security Services has the private residence executive security program you are looking for. Our company was created by the desires of former NYPD Detective David Stone, who left a great career to start his own new york bodyguard and celebrity security company, to offer the highest tier security for diplomats, dignitaries, athletes, and executives. It takes a special team to protect special people, and the Stone Security team is second to none. 

There are many perks for you in having executive security on your property. If you offer executive protection to your tenants, this will automatically raise the property value for your building, and this will be reflected in higher profits for you. If there is executive security in your lobby, the added peace of mind for your tenants will translate to the ability to charge more in rent. With the visible celebrity security in place, this will attract other high quality tenants to your building as well. And let’s face it: Criminals will think again if there is a fit, polished security presence at the front desk.

Stone Security Services will, most of all, offer you the peace of mind to live without fear, whether you own a private residence, or an estate. High profile lifestyles, need a high profile security team to take care of you. Stone Security is a paradox, however. We are discrete, calm, and never star struck, until the need for executive protection pops up, of course. Then we are quick-thinking, masterful, and skilled. Don’t let our calm exterior fool you. We plan for all contingencies and are ready to go.

Whether you own an entire building, or a private residence, call Stone Security Services to get the executive security you need and deserve. We will protect your assets, add a sense of calm to your building, and be ready at a second’s notice to solve any problems that arise.